Speed limiter: removed
Display shows: real values
Compatible with the displays: INTUVIA, NYON and PURION
Activated by: WALK button
Necessary need of diagnostics during installation: NO
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Product code: SB2B_APC

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SpeedBox2 for Bosch is revolutionary processor-controlled module what removes the speed limiter of your electric bike. Display shows real values! Values such as maximum speed, average speed, daily mileage and range are displayed correctly

The SpeedBox2 is activated by briefly pressing the WALK button located on the front of the control panel. After pressing this button, the current speed of 9.9 km/h is displayed on the control panel for about 3 seconds. This means that the SpeedBox2 is activated, and the motor support of the electric bike now works up to a speed of 99 km/h. When the WALK is pressed again, the current speed of 2.5 km/h is displayed. This means that the SpeedBox2 is deactivated, and everything works as it would if it weren't installed. The motor support of the electric bike now works up to a speed of 25 km/h.

Please note that the operation of such modified electric bikes on roads may be in conflict with the applicable legislation in some countries. The manufacturer takes no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of SpeedBox or SpeedBox2 products. It is not allowed to use electric bikes equipped with SpeedBox or SpeedBox2 products on roads, bike paths and in public spaces. Electric bikes equipped with SpeedBox or SpeedBox2 products can be used exclusively on one's own property and entirely on one's own responsibility. Using SpeedBox and/or SpeedBox2 may be lost warranty of your ebike.

SpeedBox2 for Bosch Performance Line:

SpeedBox2 for Bosch Performance CX Line:

17. 09. 2017, 23:11

Facile à monter
Vitesse réel au tableau de bord
Peut être commandé avec la commande d'origine en roulant

Lenteur de livraison du produit

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18. 10. 2017, 22:30

Veloce da installare e molto semplice da attivare

Al momento nessuna critica

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28. 04. 2018, 16:26

works as promised!

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14. 06. 2018, 15:07

Super cool product, I enjoy riding with it.

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Stefanos Ver 11. 06. 2018, 23:30

Is this any different from this ?


Thanks for your time

(a future buyer)

Gregor 08. 06. 2018, 23:40

To Jiri Voltan: I have a KTM Macina 10 PS. Drive unit is Bosch performance line. Do you know another crank puller or an adaptor?

Jiří Voldán (Sales Manager) Administrator 08. 06. 2018 | 23:40

Crank puller is only special tool you might need. Other tools you need are not special at all. Imbus key and screw drivers..

Gregor 07. 06. 2018, 13:35

Bought your crank puller for Bosch Performance line. I tried it twice on both cranks, as shown in your video. Problem is: While screwing until it stops, the crank as before. It does not pull. Maybe the inner screw of the puller is a wrong one?
Invoice 173041

Jiří Voldán (Sales Manager) Administrator 07. 06. 2018 | 13:35

Hi Gregor,

not everybody need the crank puller.

Whole solution of acces to the motor is different from bike to bike.

If you're not able to do it on your own then we recommend help from skilled mechanic.

Thanks for understanding.

Uwe 04. 06. 2018, 14:47

Hi Jiri Voldan
I drive a R&M with Bosch Performance Line CX Motor, Dual Battery and Nyon.
I read in FAQ SB2 are not working with Dual Battery System.
Is it working when you take one Battery out of the System (Single Battery)?
Did the guys from development plan in the near future to produce maybe a SB3 for dual Battery Systems?
I wod like to be a new costumer of Speedbox.

Jiří Voldán (Sales Manager) Administrator 04. 06. 2018 | 14:47

Hi Uwe,

we are not sure actually.

You could test it if you want.

If it will not work then we refund you.

We don't plan to develope SpeedBox for that because there is not so many dual battery bikes.

We just don't want to buy new bike because of that.

Thanks for understanding. Jiri

Eric 03. 06. 2018, 08:38

Hi ,
I install a SB2 on my bike Koga Exite with Bosch Performance Line CX motor.
Everything works fine , except in display
the Km from max actieradius is not correct
It say always 153 km even the batterij is low.
It is even when SB2 activated or not.
Al other values like speed , travel etc. are correct.
Do I forgot something to do.


Jiří Voldán (Sales Manager) Administrator 03. 06. 2018 | 08:38

Hi. When you will charge your battery next time, turn off the system via power button, then remove battery for charging. I suggest to try that.

Design of products

Design of products

Although appearance is not very important for SpeedBox, we want it to excel among others and be among the designer pieces. Components made of high-quality material gives SpeedBox not only mechanical strength, durability and water resistance, but also an attractive appearance.

Top quality

Top quality

We use only electronic components of world's leading producers, during the production of SpeedBox. The processor is certified for the automotive industry, and the SpeedBox is tested several times during and after production to make sure you receive a reliable product.

Easy installation

Easy installation

We use the original keyed connectors to connect the SpeedBox to the electric bike, which are colour coded so you know exactly where to connect the connector. We've put together detailed instructions and videos which could help you easily install the SpeedBox by yourself.