Installation of SpeedBox2 for Bosch:

1. Remove the battery from the electric bike.

2. Loosen the screw of the left crank and remove the handle.

3. Loosen the 3 Torx bolts holding the motor's plastic cover and take off the cover.

4. Disconnect the speed sensor connector and the connector leading to the display.

5. Connect the SpeedBox2 to the disconnected connectors.

6. Connect the contacts from the SpeedBox2 to the original connectors.

7. Put the motor's plastic cover on, and screw in the 3 Torx bolts holding this cover.

8. Install the left handle and tighten the central screw of the crank.

9. Put the battery back to electric bike.

Operation of SpeedBox2 for Bosch:

1. Turn on the electric bike.

2. Activation and deactivation is performed using the WALK button located on the handlebars.

3. When you turn on the electric bike, the SpeedBox2 is always off.

4. The first time the WALK button is pressed, the current speed of 9.9 km/h will be displayed for two seconds on the display. This means that SpeedBox2 is activated and speed limiter is removed.

5. The second time the WALK button is pressed, the display shows 2.5 km/h. This means that the SpeedBox2 is deactivated and the motor support is active up to a speed of 25 km/h.


1. Make sure that the use of SpeedBox products is not in conflict with the applicable legislation of the country in which you intend to use your electric bike.

2. Be aware of your surroundings when riding.

3. The manufacturer bears no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of SpeedBox and SpeedBox2 products.

4. Always wear a cycling helmet and other protective gear.

SpeedBox2 for Bosch Performance Line:

SpeedBox2 for Bosch Performance CX Line:

Design of products

Design of products

Although appearance is not very important for SpeedBox, we want it to excel among others and be among the designer pieces. Components made of high-quality material gives SpeedBox not only mechanical strength, durability and water resistance, but also an attractive appearance.

Top quality

Top quality

We use only electronic components of world's leading producers, during the production of SpeedBox. The processor is certified for the automotive industry, and the SpeedBox is tested several times during and after production to make sure you receive a reliable product.

Easy installation

Easy installation

We use the original keyed connectors to connect the SpeedBox to the electric bike, which are colour coded so you know exactly where to connect the connector. We've put together detailed instructions and videos which could help you easily install the SpeedBox by yourself.